Welcome to Christmas in Star Idaho. Our home features a Christmas lighting display, synchronized to music of the season. When visiting, tune your radio to FM88.5 to hear the music which accompanies the show.

Be sure to check out the Youtube videos (accessible from the main menu above) for a small sample of the show.

We recommend that you check back here before coming out to see the display. We’ll provide updates and let you know if we’re experiencing any system or weather related outages (this is a homemade system after all)!

System Down From the Weather

We had freezing fog yesterday that resulted in about 1/2 inch of frost on everything. Unfortunately, this seems to have shorted out a number of the controllers. Therefore the system will be down for the remainder of the year. My apologies for any inconvenience.

The Lights Are Back On

The technical problem has been repaired and our Christmas light show is back on. It can be seen at 6810 Foothill Rd, Star ID. The show will run from 6-10 nightly through New Year’s Eve. Tune your radio to FM 88.5 to hear the music that accompanies the lights.

System Down

My apologies to everyone, but we suffered a major system crash last night. The lights will be off for the next several nights. Check back here for updates before coming out to see them.

Viewing From the Driveway

A number of people have been pulling up our driveway to view the show. You’re welcome to do this, but please be courteous to our neighbors. If you’re on a paved driveway, it’s not ours! our driveway is gravel and VERY steep! If you use the drive to watch the show, please don’t try to back out. When you want to leave, continue straight up the drive to the area behind our garage. From there, a rear exit will lead you to Schmidt Lane. Turn right on Schmidt and it will take you back to Foothill Road.

The Lights Are On

The lights are up and running in Star!  The light display will be running through January 1 from 6:00 to 10:00 every night. Tune your radio to FM 88.5 to hear the music that accompanies the lights.

PS: Be sure to check back here before coming out. If we’re experiencing any system outages I’ll make note of it on our web page.